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Kongehuset - The Royal House

I can tell you that his Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark was very pleased with your entertainment at the royal dinner. It was a very big sucess. Everyone - The Royal Danish family and the international guests were very enthusiastic and astonished!
Mogens Christensen
Colonel, Chief for his Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark


You deliver the VERY high level of entertainment, that is also expected when you pick from  "the highest shelf" at all.
Thank you - I am pleased with our friendship and strong connection!
Poulsen, CEO

E & Y - Ernst & Young

"Henrik – You are a fantastic performer. I have seen you several times at private parties and this Friday was another excellent performance. Every single one of the 1.000 employees in the new E & Y was really great entertained.
Jesper Kofoed – CEO


Thank you for your show at our global top 200 leadership meeting at Grundfos. Despite many very smart and logically thinking people on that team, everyone was mind blown, surprised and wonderfully entertained .

Mads Nipper - CEO

Arbejdernes Landsbank

As always you hit the bullseye 100% and everyone was really entertained .  I will contact you again in the future.
Gert R. Jonassen - CEO


"Det var en kæmpe fornøjelse at have dig med til vores ledermøde. Alle var fuldstændig mindblown - og du var det helt store samtaleemne resten af aftenen og næste morgen"

Henrik Winther - Adm. dir 



Thank you for a fantastic show - people talked about it all night!
Your abilities are incredible. We will contact you again next year.
Mogens Nørgård Mogensen - CEO, Price Waterhouse Coopers


”An extreme pleasure seeing you at our international leadership event, which our owner Lars Sejr has hired you for. I have to say, I was blown away. Super showmanship and extreme intelligent entertainment. I have since then seen your videoclips on Youtube from difference TV-performances. They are just as impressive and amazing.”

Peter Ørding Andreasen - CEO

NOVO Nordisk

Thank you!
I have received so much overwelling feedback after your entertainment at my reception. It was a great succes. Thank you for everything. I can say, it is highly addictive having you at a party.
Sten Scheibye - Chairman, Novo Nordisk A/S


"I was simply perfect. Some has seen you perform before, but it just made the experience more impressive. Nobody (including myself) can understand how you do it. Your show was on everybody’s lips the entire evening.
Thank you for your empathy. We all enjoined it.”
Peter Engberg Jensen -CEO.

larsen og jeg 2.jpg


"Again, thank you for a great peptalk at our Strategy Workshop in Hamburg. It was excellent entertainment combined with great input on inspiration, focus and customer care. We are still taking about all you said and did.

 Søren Broer - Vice President, Vestas Central Europe


Thank you for another great show . Everyone spoke about it afterwards. Thank you for coming and making our 40 year anniversary  memorable.
Lars Larsen, Owner 


"Henrik -You were fantastic at our customer event. We have an ambition to be amazing to our customers. You showed us who that is accomplished.   
 Steen Skjold-Jørgensen - Vice President, Global Technical Service


Thank you for an excellent  show. The atmosphere was fantastic  the entire evening and even today people are still very amased. 
Your final act with the Bluewater-logo was spot on!
Søren Nørgaard Thomsem - CEO


"Henrik Svanekiær er fabulous - 5 out of 5 stars!"
Ole Berg Rasmussen - CEO

Danske Bank

Thank you for an excellent performance last night. You 100% fulfilled my very high expectations and all the guest loved you.
Peter Straarup - CEO

Søren Schou, Mærsk_edited.jpg


”Thank you for an excellent and professional performance. You did a great job. You had a fine humor combined with big – and to us completely unexplainable – experiences!
Your way of picking volunteers was also fantastic."    

Kim Bruhn-Petersen - COO


”The show you did was fantastic!
Many of my colleagues has afterwards expressed how amazing it was. It was great manipulation of the mind and all together a super performance! I hope we will see you again in the future.”

Jakob Larsson – Director & Head of HR

LEGO - Kirkbi A/S

"Tak for et fantastisk show.
MEGET positiv feedback fra ALLE jeg har talt med!"

Jesper Ridder Olsen - CFO


"Svanekiær is unique. If there was the Olympic Games for magicians, he would be on the top of the podium. I have seen Svanekiær several times and I know, that what he does id REAL magic, not just slight of hand.
I will look forward to see him perform again and again with new effects he constantly develops”.  

Jesper Nygård - CEO

Kromann Reumert

"Thanks a lot for an amazing show. You were really impressive

with completely “un-real” magic in a very charming way. You created many discussions after you left and even several days after, you are still “talk in the town"."

Claus Juel Hansen - Managing Partner  / CEO


Halder Topsøe

"Your show was spot on! Really professional. Everyone in the management team was extremely inpressed and for sure something we can use in many situations.

One again THANK YOU, and if you get tired of performing, please contact Topsøe!”
Bjerne Steffen Clausen, President & CEO

AVIS Biler, Biludan mm.

"You are entertained, astonished and completely without words. Nobody understand what is going on, and no matter what the explanation is, it is done in a very fascinating and charming way.
Thank you for another great experience and for creating a fantastic atmosphere. I will never forget you.
All the best till I meet you again.
Ivan Nadelman – CEO

Spar Nord

Thank you for your fantastic entertainment.
All our customers loved it. Everyone spoke about it at the tables long after your show.

Lasse Nyby - CEO


An outstanding show! I have never experienced anything similar at a live show - ever! You make David Copperfield look like a circus clown.

Ulrich Christoffersen - Global Financing

Forenede Service

"I have extremely positive response on your performance. It was a super fine evening for everyone. Thnak you for being part of this”.
Hans Fog - CEO

Billede 05-04-2018 22.30.54.jpg


Thanks for a magical show. It was absolutely fantastic - I could not believe my own eyes because of the constantly surprising effects you made.
Sune Olsen - Director of sales

National Procurement Ltd.


Fantastic how you can fascinate a group of people! In a split second you turn doubt into high enthusiasm by showing a variety of top quality magic masterpieces.
In harmonization with your great homour and professional appearance, I felt I was part of something great! Excellent! Excellent!
Erik Svaneborg, CEO

Restaurant Grøften in Tivoli

"In my 43 years in the industry, he is the best I have ever seen!"

Poul Eriksen - Owner, Restaurant Grøften in Tivoli


"You surprise, amaze and leave people in deep fascination."
Søren Riis - CEO

Scandinavian Film Company

"You were a outstanding last Friday at  Scandinavian Film Company - Just so you know!"
Jarl Friis Mikkelsen

Mette fred._edited.jpg


"You are absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like it before – I am still speechless… All the guests were entertained and you created a fine atmosphere. It was fully deserved that you got a standing ovation!”.
Monika Mueller – PA to CEO


" Thanks a lot for a fantastic show! It is almost scary – your “powers” are amazing.”
Rene Jardorf – CEO and Owner

Dreisler Holding

It was a great succes! Everyone was  excited. You are also extremly good!!!
Michael Dreisler , Owner

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"THANK YOU very much for an exceptional evening and pep talk.
You are one of a kind!
As a private banking consultant you give me more energy and the right focus to “deal with” my customers in a better and more focused way.
You are a big inspiration source – please keep on during these pep talks.”
Rikke Lyngholm Christensen – Investment consultant


"Thanks a lot for an exceptional great performance. At ALL 8 pep talks our employees got a great experience combined with some things to think about regarding their own approach. I have only got positive feedback on your speeches.
Personally I think, it has been a pleasure working with you, and I want to thank you for being engaged in our company and what we find important, and for including it in your speeches.

Annette Kær Poulsen - HR-Partner ATP

The Danish Air Force

"This man and his pep talk is better than Chris Macdonald!”
Elise Christensen
Captain Danish Air Force and director for Home Guard 277 Karup


"Again, thank you for a great pep talk at our Strategy Workshop in Hamburg. It was excellent entertainment combined with great input on inspiration, focus and customer care. We are still taking about all you said and did.

Søren Broer - Vice President, Vestas Central Europe

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